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Jill Kyong

Jill Kyong

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Jill Kyong “My work has two goals: to be functional or to tell a story. My goal with furniture is to create something useful for everyday life, but also add something fun and aesthetically pleasing to the landscape in which it lives.  I create sculpture to tell a story—my story and the stories of others.  My current work focuses on the human need to come together, to connect. My work is primarily done with all natural woods to show the beauty and character of the wood.  The stones, made from wood, often represent people and how when they come together, they can build something bigger and are stronger. Conversely, a single stone can be used to represent loneliness and solitude.  Sometimes, my two goals come together in one piece and that’s when I’m most pleased.”

Jill Kyong grew up in northern Minnesota where she watched her dad build furniture.  She took all the wood shop classes she could in high school, even though her teacher questioned whether, as a girl, she should really be there.  Jill received her BFA degree from the University of Minnesota in sculpture, focusing on metal casting.  Since then, she has been distracted by living in various places and by family.  She spent the last five years teaching wood working classes at the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock.  She now lives in Moscow, Idaho with her husband and has two grown kids.  Their recent departure from home prompted Jill to pursue making art again and she has been showing in galleries for just the past year.


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