Meet The Team

Beth Rich Brown (Owner)

Brianna Cardella-Ogle has been at Mix It Up for over 6 years now! She always has that smile on her face, loves helping customers in any way she can and helps manage the store. She and her husband Dylan just welcomed baby Silas in November.Her favorite animal is a fox and she enjoys a warm up of tea while snuggling up with her new baby!

Michelle Castro has been with us for almost three years now. She was a teacher and still tutors to stay connected to something she has a passion for. She and her husband Stan love that their son Zachary, his wife Alyssa and their two beautiful grandchildren Jacob & Eloise live here as does their daughter Bridgette. Spending time with family is Michelle’s joy.   

Jan Smith has been greeting you and offering our signature level of customer service for almost 2 years now.  If she looks familiar it’s because she has been helping customers in the apparel side of the business in Coeur D’Alene for years .. most recently at Boardwalk.

Michele Troxel (aka: Michele with one L, Mel, Trixie). We have two Michelle’s, so we call her Mel. Michele moved to Coeur D’Alene a couple of years ago from Seattle where she spent 24 years producing shows for KING TV. She joined our Mix It Up crew last summer and we love having her energy, ideas, sense of humor and beautiful smile in the store!

Laura Rydell has a background in education and joined the team during the Summer of 2019. Laura and her husband Kyle have a daughter, Aleah, who is a freshman at college and a teenage son, Caleb. She loves a good mug to adorn her at home coffee bar.