Collection: Sharon Nowlan

Sharon Nowlan’s artwork is reflective of the beautiful land and seascapes of Nova Scotia where she grew up drawing, painting and creating in a variety of media. The Sharon Nowlan Collection transforms a mix of composite pebbles and other materials into inspirational designs, from angels and devoted friends to sentiments such as “Celebrate life,” and “Follow your heart."

These fine artisan reproductions capture the joy and emotional experience of relationships, depicting couples, family, friends and individuals. A meaningful gift for the special people in your life - on special occasions, or "just because" - Sharon Nowlan’s minimalist style allows the subject matter to make its own powerful statement.

The simplicity and neutrality of Sharon Nowlan's pieces make them perfect for coordinating with all different types of home décor, while the lovely accents give them a unique appearance. These pieces can be easily hung on the wall or rest on an easel for versatility in how you display them. Perfectly packaged to gift to anyone on your list this season, this wall art will make for a wonderfully thoughtful present for any new or existing couple in celebration of their wedding, anniversary or simply in remembrance of their love.

Sharon Nowlan